It is with great pleasure that we announce:
Dirtyface Soaps were voted
following our award for "BEST" in our category in 2006
 by our peers in the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild at its annual conference.

"I've fallen in love and share that love with my family and friends. They love the fragrance in their bathroom/bedroom, but after I insist that they unwrap it and actually use it, they feel the love as well as smell it. Our favorite is Black Raspberry-vanilla but are trying new fragrances all of the time. Who knows where Plumeria Soap Dome, Apricot Freesia, and Oregon Rain may fall? Thanks for your great on-line service as well." -- Arlane L. (Washington)
"Please consider me a "loyal" customer - in fact I haven't bought bar soap in the grocery store since I started using Dirtyface Soap.  It is definitely my "soap of choice"!!  -- Linda W.  (Pennsylvania)
"I bought your Peach Mango soap a few days ago at the Portland Saturday Market and it was so wonderful that as soon as I was done with my shower I had to jump on the computer and write a review about it!  It's my new favorite smell and definitely my new favorite soap.  It lathered super fast and I'm amazed at how much soap you get for the price.  No more store bought soap for me!"  -- Marissa P. (North Bend, WA)
"You have an exemplary product that truly does make my day, as it has become part of my everyday life.  If it can be said that such a product makes me feel at home, I would certainly believe it.  You have won a lifelong customer!"  --Cameron P. (Portland, OR)
"My friend gave me your Ocean Rain soap and I just had to tell you ---  this is the BEST soap!  I love it!  It lathers so quickly and it's sooo creamy.  The fragrance even stays on my skin for hours after my shower."   --Charlene T. (Vancouver, WA)
"Each soap is a small work of art!!  And they smell great.  For a couple months, I used the Dirtyface soaps we bought to decorate our bathrooms.  Now that we've actually starting using them, we're really hooked!"  --Bonnie W. (Michigan)
"My sister sent me some of your soaps for my birthday.  They are the coolest looking soap I've ever seen!"  --Carrie M. (Carrollton, TX)
"DIRTYFACE SOAP = Love in a Bar"  --Pete C. (Portland, OR)

"Our entire family loves to use these beautiful soaps.  Our daughter (and her college roommates) can't be without a good supply of Gardenia, Breeze and Blackberry Cream...they say it makes them feel like they are at home and it definitely makes their dorm room a better place to live!  We love Lemongrass Gritty Hand Soap after gardening, and we always keep a good stock of extras in the house as our guests usually fall in love with the silky feeling it gives their skin and then take a bar home with them!"    --Jen & Joe F. (La JollaCA)

"Now that we've found your Dirtyface Soaps, all I can say is:
        'Life is too short to ever use boring soaps again!' 
Please never stop making your beautiful soaps."  --Lynn and Rick M. (Boulder, CO)

"We've had such fun outfitting our house and our boat with these darling soaps...different colors for the different decor and seasonal fragrances to keep the atmosphere fresh.  We love sending gift sets to our friends and family, and they love receiving them!  --Sandy & Dick B. (McKenzie BridgeOR)

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